We are specialists in the preservation and stabilisation of large-scale on-site Library collections. Teams of conservators are brought together to work in a methodical manner to achieve substantial throughput of work whilst maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

Due to the extensive knowledge gained in museums, galleries and historic houses over many years, we are able to extract work requiring more in-depth treatment and make proposals for further work whilst on site.

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On-site work

  • Collection surveys and condition assessments
  • Prioritising to enable targeted funding
  • Books are cleaned, repaired and stabilised in situ
  • Secondary supports are tailor-made to the collection
  • Proposals are made for further projects
  • Advice on environmental conditions, aftercare treatment and handling

This programme has proven the most cost-effective way to treat large scale book collections and is regularly implemented in country house libraries in the UK and abroad.

Library in-situ work

Large collections of books can be treated methodically adjacent to the presses, on site. This is the most cost effective way to treat large numbers of books. At the same time, suggestions for further work and the relative costs can be ascertained.
Where volumes are severely damaged, they may require further treatment in the form of re-sewing, re-binding etc, and in some cases, boxing or book-shoeing can be carried out, tailored to fit each book.